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Having personally documented well over 300 weddings, I have been fortunate enough to document some of the most beautiful weddings. I hope you take some time and visit my little corner on the internet, and learn more about how I can be part of your special day. I’m currently based in Hyderabad, but available worldwide where my camera might take me. I have a love for people who have more desire of getting clicked and go beyond to get clicked in a fabulous way. We, the photographers, are capable of turning an experience into a tangible form of art.

Here are a few things about me!

Being genuine and sentimental.
I like to Travel a lot and explore new places.

I believe in loving God.
Consuming excellent food.
The perfect home-baked chocolate chip cookie.
Hanging out with friends.

If you want to book a session, head on over to my contact page! I would love to work with you!

Please take a look around the website, and I hope we connect soon!

Hi! I am Kiran



Thanks for stopping by!

"Photographs are part of human legacy

and an instrument to document our existence"


In over a decade, I  have personally worked with over 300 amazing couples.  I love documenting each couple's unique love story and presenting it in the most beautiful way possible through my lens. I approach weddings with a distinct editorial approach to my images. My studio primarily focuses on weddings. But no love celebration is too large or too small. I have worked with couples from intimate to luxury celebrations.

Working with so many couples with big weddings and being one of the few people they can truly vent to as all the planning is going down, I saw how stressful the traditional wedding day was for them. I saw how they didn't get to eat a single bite of the food they spent thousands on. I saw how they only got fleeting seconds to say a brief hello to their best friends. I saw how they never got a quick break to just take at the moment, to breathe each other in. And I knew there had to be a better way. 

Wherever your love story might take you,  I'd love to document your celebration.


Kiran Kumar shares his journey from an unhappy career in engineering to running a successful photography business

What work were you doing before?

I was into market research working for a reputed company in Bangalore

How did you feel about your career back then?

I was so stressed out due to the short deadlines and responsibilities I had to fulfill. I was being good enough at my profession over willing and always trying to find a way out of the job. Mentally, I think I was deeply depressed. 


What work are you doing now?

I am a kid, wedding photographer, and Company profile. My branding photography mission is to help clients elevate their brand recognition through powerful and authentic images of them. 

What prompted you to make the change?

Two things - I wanted to follow my creativity and passion for photography and to have more freedom and flexibility, which would allow me to work around 

Looking back, was it the right decision? 

It was 100% the most important, most conscious, and most 'aligned with me' decision I have made. I love what I do. 

How has this change affected you outside of your career?

It has completely changed the way I communicate with my children, my family members and friends, and, more importantly, my clients. I know I serve my clients with great dedication, the best knowledge, and I give 100% of myself. My well-being has changed from being unhappy with my life (some might have thought - was depressed) to loving every minute of it. People notice that I am more relaxed and calmer, and definitely passionate about what I do.

What were the first steps you took toward change?

I spent every evening for a few years just studying. I joined meet-ups to learn. I wanted to become a master at what I did and taught myself everything I needed to know not only about photography but also communication, marketing, and other aspects of the photography business.


How did you choose your new career?

I did coaching, and out of the three things closest to my heart, I decided that the one which made me happiest would have to be the one I pursue as a career. 

What were your biggest challenges, and how did you handle them?

I started with photographing everything, from weddings, events, architecture, children, and corporate to now portraits and branding. I knew that I had the skills to make people at ease and in peace when I photographed them, and I discovered that even when I was photographing weddings, my best shots were portraits of people (mostly the bride or groom). Then I realized that I was deeply passionate about that one-on-one connection with my subject. I noticed how much clients who hated being photographed at first were actually loving it at the end. 

What have you learned about yourself in the process?

I’ve discovered how to trust myself, how to make better decisions, how to accept failure and treat it as a lesson, and how to live your life with purpose. 

What support did you get, if any?

I still have a mentor teaching me all aspects of photography and the business side of it. I believe you need to have a mentor, for you to constantly remind yourself 


What advice would you give to someone considering a career change?

Definitely speak to someone who doesn’t know you, someone who is impartial and won’t 'crash' your dreams but rather listen to your desires and ideas. But I can promise you that the more you have faith in your skills, in your dreams, and in yourself, the richer, more meaningful, and free your life will become. The other thing I would say is to have a plan and not jump into something very abruptly, but rather schedule your exit and prepare for the next move. Prepare your partner/husband/wife for the change and ask for their support and understanding on the way.

What clients are feelings

GREAT work and AMAZING service!!! I booked PixelMatrix for the videography of our housewarming and I must say that their service is of the utmost quality. They are professionals and quite experienced in the field. They were very flexible in accommodating my requests and took shots from all angles. The video looks mesmerizing!!! Really happy with the service. Thanks, PixelMatrix team!

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