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We love what we do! We do it with Passion beyond devotion.

"Photography is an art of teleporting the past into the future."

Established 2008

Welcome to PixelMatrix

We at Pixel Matrix strive to capture these very important moments, milestones, celebrations and expressions. As we walk together we understand our clients much better. Let us join hands for a remarkable journey. Together let us excel and be remembered. From the entire team at Pixel Matrix, I'd like to start by giving you one solitary assurance: we are a company that strives for absolute perfection in our art, for it is not just a job to us but a masterpiece that is yearning to be crafted. With passion running through the veins and the eyes, we specialize in filming and photographing a variety of events.


Every Moment Counts

What we can do for you



We transform your moments into sweet memories through our imagination, experience, and eye-catching pictures or videos, at your pre-wedding/post-wedding photoshoots. While you are making your memories at your outdoor shoot, spending time with each other, we as the best pre-wedding/post wedding photographers of Hyderabad, treasure such memories in endearing pictures that would make you happy whenever you go through them.


Candid Wedding Photography captures the subtleties of your relationship as we highlight them on the lens to present you a new you, together! Being the best wedding photographers in Hyderabad. The Candid Wedding Photography we capture in our lens remain vivid and touching throughout your life.


CakeSmash/Kids Shoot

Some trends in photography come and go.  Before you even blink, it’s a new hip thing, and then just as quickly, the sizzle goes away.  Then there is the cake smash - a trend that is steadily gaining in the list of special moments of a child’s first year that need to be captured. Parents would use the images from the session for the birthday child's party invites. This meant the session often took place a month or so before their actual birthday. I just love cake smash sessions. There is nothing more fun than capturing a one year old while they experience the sweet goodness of a birthday cake for the first time. All the sugar, and all the textures. It’s such a fun time to remember. A typical cake smash will only take a few minutes of actual cake smashing, so shoot fast but be prepared to adjust your angle to get a variety of shots.


A little piece of heaven are babies. The top newborn photographers in Hyderabad can help you capture those beautiful moments as you celebrate your child's birth. We portray your memories in a way that ensures they are preserved forever, whether it be a Newborn baby photoshoot, Cake Smash, Birthday ceremonies, Maternity photographs, or a Casual Photo Shoot, and for babies from 0 months to 10 years.

We adore children, and our skilled newborn baby photographers have a knack for the little ones that keep them grinning the entire time!


Maternity /Cradle Cermony

Maternity Photos are a way for us to celebrate the baby we’re about to meet, to celebrate our love for each other, and to celebrate the strength of our incredible bodies. Embracing parenthood is the biggest move for any couple. Suddenly there is going to be a shift of focus, attention, and love to the newborn. you no longer  are the focus. you also cannot think just about you only! 

Half Saree / Dhoti Function

Half Saree ceremony which is also known as Puberty ceremony or Ritu Kala Ceremony is an old Hindu tradition ceremony celebrated in the event of their young daughter hit her puberty and offered saree for the first time and allowing her to enter her young age mentally and physically. This is an important event celebrated in Hindu tradition as the young girl enters her age she wears half-saree in the event and her first saree is offered by her uncle or grandparents and the event is celebrated by gathering relatives and friends offering the girl with lots of gifts and sarees.


AD Films/ Corporate Events

We at Pixel Matrix strive to capture these very important moments, milestones, celebrations and expressions. Little wonder that our association with the company is more than just a video. As we walk together we understand the company much better . Let us join hands for a remarkable journey. Together let us excel and be remembered.The unspoken words of confidence and assurance can be easily grasped by a viewer which removes any doubts that he has in his mind.In the same way a company profile when shot visually explains thousand more words about the vastness, ethics, principles, discipline of the company. 

Unique Style

We have a unique style of photography that allows us to capture naturalistic moments as they happen without disturbing the event

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we make event easy with the filmmaking process with both talent and skill which we have learn and with experience

Prompt Delivery

As we promise we deliver the output we have separate post production team who work on it on time delivery

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Clear Quote

with transparency about the requirement which has spoken with both parties clear understanding of the costing and best price in the market

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